About me

Martin Tardy


Martin Tardy was born in Austria on april 23, 1992 in Vienna. During his childhood and youth he was intensively drawing and it is his biggest passion since then.

Martin didn’t think about starting a career as an artist.
He was happy to be self employed. But mid of 2017 suddenly he had the wish to show his art. He organized his first solo show at “ SNEAKIN ”, a concept store in Vienna and it was a great success. Martin realized that his drawings are not only special for him but that also other people are interested and fascinated.

The fascinating part is his particular ways of drawing.
Martin focuses in continuous line drawings. He also makes ambidextrous asynchronous drawings without lifting the pens and some other unique techniques. This mesmerized a great amount of people on social media.

Mai 2018 was the time for the next solo show which also caused a lot of new followers on instagram. Even several museums, galleries, curators and collectors started to follow Martin. One of the galleries decided to represent him. Since September 2018 Gallery Hilger and Martin Tardy are working together.

Since then Martin Tardy is represented on several international art fairs and made his 3rd successful solo show with with Hilger in december 2018

Martin Tardy uses Instagram to show his drawing performances and this is one reason for his success.

Exhibitions & art fairs:

April: Neni art collective exhibition in Vienna

October: 1st Solo Show self organised at “SNEAKIN”, Vienna/Austria

Mai: 2nd Solo Show self organised in an old factory, Vienna/Austria
September: Parallel Vienna solo representation by Ho Gallery, Vienna/Austria
September: Vienna contemporary by Hilger Gallery, Vienna/Austria
November: Cologne art fair by Hilger Gallery, Cologne/Germany
November: Luxembourg art week by Hilger Gallery, Luxembourg/Luxembourg
December: Art Miami art fair by Hilger Gallery, Miami,FL/USA
December: 3rd Solo Show by Ernst Hilger at “Hilger Next”, Vienna/Austria

April: Art Paris by Holger Gallery, Paris/France
June: Volta Show by Hilger Gallery, Basel/Switzerland


September: 4th Solo Show self organised/ assisted by Hilger in a old factory, Vienna/Austria
September: Parallel Vienna solo representation by Hilger Gallery, Vienna/Austria

February: 5th Solo show organised by Hilger Gallery at Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna/Austria